How to outsmart your competition with content marketing

Vijay Verghis – BY VIJAY VERGHIS

Producing more engaging content is the number one challenge for marketers. When it comes to web, content has been king for along time and it’s not stepping down anytime in the foreseeable future. With mobile, new content opportunities are proliferating at a maddening pace. Yet for some reason most people are still playing a numbers game and ramping up production – global spending is expected to reach $313 billion in 2019

Key to Content Success

  • Draft business goals – Every piece of content you create should be aligned with clear business objectives.
  • Define your audience – Which job functions are most likely to make the decision to work with you? There might only be one or there could be a handful. What are their goals and challenges? Who are these people influenced by? This knowledge should inform all of the content you produce.
  • Distribute knowledge – After defining your audience, develop a plan that can help them overcome a problem or achieve a goal? Great content must be useful and the best content will make your audience feel something. Have a distribution strategy that can help them with content?
  • Develop a community – Remember when you shared something with your friends and professional network? Interesting content gets shared around and sparks conversation. Brands that do this well actively engage their audiences and encourage members of the community to help each other.
  • Respond timely – It is always good to have a well-documented strategy, however there is also great value in reacting quickly to new developments once that strategy is in place. Always be aware of opportunities to give relevant context to current events.

Personalization: Make it more relevant

Audiences want to be engaged and entertained just as much as anybody else. When we walk into a meeting the conversation probably starts with updates about our kids, weekend plans or the performance of your favorite sports team before we get into the core discussion. Apply the same principal to content. Grab your audience’s attention by speaking to them in a way they can relate to as individuals and they’ll be keen to engage with your brand. There are plenty of ways you can get personal with your audience, whether you tug at their heartstrings, make them laugh or get people thinking about big ideas.

Content marketing is a means of communicating confidence and integrity on behalf of any online business. It’s fully utilizing the immense power of the web and mobile to unleash a fury of connection and conversion. It’s doing everything right online and through mobile, when most of your competitors are not quite there. The content you write & produce will hold a great deal of power and communicate a positive image of your company in your prospective customers’ minds. Content marketing means a lot’s of things to different people. Only a few understand how powerful it can really be. Good content has meaning; however it is Great content connects you to people. There are a lot of success stories being told and you can be part of the great story.

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