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Deciphering the Customer Journey to craft a Brand’s Digital Destiny


By Marshneil Pachori

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You have to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology“– Steve Jobs

Customers’ expectation today is determined by their last experience with the brand and not by some insight-driven brand promise. Research suggests* that once a customer experiences what they consider a major customer experience failure, 64% will stop recommending the organization, start looking for an alternative brand or actively disparage the company via word of mouth, social media or other online channels.

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Customer Experience is the new competitive battleground for brands

With an army of marketers eager to serve the consumer, it is the brand’s responsibility to “stand out” among competition and provide “maximum value” with every interaction in return for the consumer leaving behind a digital trail.

The gospel truth of today’s consumer driven era is that if he doesn’t like the experience, he will move on to the next brand.


Deciphering the Journey to determine Brand’s destiny

Customer Loyalty rests on the principle of maximum value. If the brand doesn’t understand the various nuances of the customer and his journey, it will fail in delivering the value that the he is looking for and will lose it to the competitive brand.

Delightful Customer experience hinges on discovery of the human aspects, unlocking of “value” and effective delivery via “digital”. Brands need to invest in understanding the human aspect of the need and create maximum value for him at each interaction while using digital as a channel.

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Coming Down the Pike

Brands should focus on creating immersive brand experiences that are a result of rationalizing digital marketing strategies and interventions based on who the brand is trying to reach out  to  – whether it is an anonymous visitor, a some-what known prospect or an existing customer, to deliver the “maximum value” to him.


Marshneil Pachori delivered a keynote at the Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium on April 28th in Mumbai.


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Marshneil Pachori delivering her keynote speech at the Adobe Symposium 2016 in Mumbai
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9 thoughts on “Deciphering the Customer Journey to craft a Brand’s Digital Destiny

  1. Quite impressive. Indeed customer experience needs to be enhanced especially now when customers have become so particular about what they want and they look for specific details in each and every interaction with brands..!!!

  2. As a marketer, I believe what goes around comes around…!!!
    As a customer, I believe Better Late than sorry..!!!

    In short, if brands are good to me, i will be loyal otherwise i will move on..!!

    All the best Marshneil

  3. Which is why Brands are moving towards giving an end to end customer service to their customers, especially in the service industry. It is high time when we actually implement the belief “Customer is King”

  4. “Couldn’t agree more. Customer experience needs to be at the heart of every campaign. We (marketers) sometimes get carried away by technology & processes so much that end up missing the objective. A simple point, well made.”

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