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Is the Smartphone Generation Becoming a Generation of Experience Junkies?


By Unmesh Lamture

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I’ve become weary of this habit of reigniting old franchises in 3D to make a quick buck. I remember the rapture of watching the magic of the first Jurassic Park unfold on the screen, and I, the wide-eyed aspiring paleontologist fresh out of kindergarten, was enthralled.

Jurrassic Park smartphone wielding kids

In Jurassic Park 4, the lead kid can’t seem to give a hoot about the miracle in front of him because he’s too absorbed into his smartphone. Now, I didn’t even want to go see JP4, but I went out of some duty to the vestigial nostalgia for the original that I was feeling when this movie released. But watching this scene kind of made me worry. If the movie does anything well, it portrays Gen Z characteristics perfectly, the kids of the Snapchat world.

Is this smartphone generation robbing themselves of the miracle of life? Are they such experience junkies that they just need to add more and more spice to what has come before, no matter the artistic validity it has? If I look at the Jurassic Park franchise, there is the first movie, and then in the second one they had to go wreck a city or it wouldn’t take with the audience, and then in the third they had to introduce a new dinosaur that killed the big boss of the previous movies, and in the fourth they had to genetically engineer a new dinosaur of untold realms of badassery: the Indominus Rex, brought to you by Verizon. Yes, advertisers are ready to put their name on anything, and people don’t seem to care, as long as they get their “experience fix,” even if it comes through a phone screen.

smartphone selfie

I worry because we have to hand the world over to them someday, and I’m wondering if they’ll even notice if they’re busy texting the person in the next room.

But maybe I’m overreacting. When I look around at kids these days with their noses pressed up against a phone, I keep thinking, “In our day, we used to play outside!” But actually, we didn’t really play that much. Our noses were pressed up against a TV screen, and our parents told us the same thing about playing outside. But we turned out alright. So perhaps the smartphone is symptomatic of the same thing, except the screen is smaller. Maybe the next generation isn’t doomed to a life of experience fatigue. We didn’t drop the ball, so why should they?

And maybe Jurassic Park 4 isn’t as terrible a movie as I thought it was.

Actually, that’s probably the only thing I can be sure about.

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One thought on “Is the Smartphone Generation Becoming a Generation of Experience Junkies?

  1. Hey Unmesh,
    It seemed like a combined review of all Jurrasic Park Movies which you find pathetic except part 1. 😛
    But nicely done, using Jurassic park example to make your point.

    I believe Gen Z will do just fine, they have their own ways of entertaining themselves.

    Looking forward for some more interesting articles from you.

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